Manitoulin Hiking Trails

Manitoulin Island’s many trails provide an ideal opportunity to get up close and personal with the Island’s natural beauty and to discover for yourself why so many people are drawn here. Most of the Island’s trails offer a variety of route options to fit most levels of accessibility and schedules.

Manitoulin’s trails give visitors a unique vantage point from which to view an interplay of the plants and geology of both Northern and southern Ontario that isn’t to be found anywhere else in the province.

Known to have been a crossroads for plant migration after the last ice age, Manitoulin Island is home to more than 1,350 unique plant specimens, many of which can only be found co-existing here.

Manitoulin Island forms the northernmost portion of the Niagara Escarpment and much of the Island’s geology reflects the associated limestone/dolomite formations of the escarpment, but occasional echoes of the world’s oldest mountain range, the LaCloche foothills, poke up through what was once an ancient seabed. Travelling to the western part of the Island you will find trails across the black flat rock expanse of an alvar, one of the world’s rarest geological features.

Manitoulin Island, even in the high summer season, has a relatively low population, which increases your opportunity to see forest animals in their natural setting.

The Island’s trails are a great way to Explore Manitoulin.

Bridal Veil Falls

The Bridal Veil Falls trail system is located in Kagawong. Although there is access to the trail system at Bridal Veil Falls, which is adjacent to Hwy 540, there are much safer and roomier [...]

Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve

Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve is an 860-hectare provincial park on the south shore of Manitoulin Island, a ten-minute drive west of Evansville. There [...]

Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail

Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail Twenty km west of Little Current, with parking and trailhead off Highway 540, 3 km past the Bidwell Road corner, is the well known Cup and Saucer trail. With its [...]

Bebamikawe Memorial Trail

Bebamikawe Memorial Trail Located at the end of Beach Road in Wikwemikong, this trail is 14 km of easy to intermediate trails, spectacular lookouts and educational signage. The Outdoor Fitness [...]

Point Grondine Park

A First Nation owned and operated recreational park, Point Grondine has over 7,000 hectares of scenic natural wilderness landscape, old growth pine forest, stunning river vistas and eight [...]

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