Heaven's Gate Trail

Difficulty ★★★★★    •    Approx. 2 – 4 Hours

About the 
Heaven's Gate Trail

This approx 50 km trail runs from the Willisville turn-off on Hwy 6 through to Fort Lacloche on the Sagamok First Nation, south of Massey. The multi-day hike runs through the magnificent Lacloche Mountains with beautiful views of the North Channel and surrounding lakes. However it is not well marked or maintained and only recommended for very skilled hikers.

Guided hiking and canoeing tours of the area, with a native theme, are available from “Trails of The Eagle Clan”, 705-865-2526, or email mowl@vianet.ca

You may wish to bring:

Tips from a Local

Some of the longer hikes on Manitoulin can take hours to complete. Pack some trail snacks in reusable containers to keep your energy up and make sure to not leave any scraps on the trail.